Negotiation Kit Customer

Sorry! We're fresh out of B.S. Negotiation Kits

Schedule a Lobby Sighting: $25,000*
off your Big Storage capacity upgrade!

Laptop Sticker: $5,000*
off your maintenance contract

Mug on Desk: $10,000*
off your renewal

T-Shirt and Pen: $200*
for a nice dinner

B.S. Negotiation Guide: Priceless
how to save on Big Storage

Request Your Complimentary Big Storage Negotiation Kit then Sit Back and Watch the Fees Melt Away!

*Hey, we're guessing here… we're not exactly sure how much your BS vendor prices will drop, but using this kit will definitely get you some attention!

Check back for other cool offers from Pure Storage. In the meantime, why not request a Proof of Concept through our Love Your Storage Guarantee Program? Or to learn more about Flash for the Enterprise, download our Buyer's guide!

Flash for All

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