Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG): Bare Metal as-a-Service vs. DIY Total Cost of Ownership Report


We invite you to receive the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Economic Validation Total Cost of Ownership: Bare Metal as-a-Service vs. DIY Data Center Management Report. Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Bare Metal as-a-Service (BMaaS), Powered by Pure.

In this report, Aviv Kaufmann, Principal Economic Validation Analyst, ESG, provides the Total Cost of Ownership results of his research and analysis of the DIY (build-it-yourself) Data Center Management scenario vs. a Bare Metal as-a-Service (BMaaS) solution.

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IT organizations are facing unprecedented levels of pressure to deliver new applications as quickly as possible in order to drive business agility. This has been one of the biggest reasons for the widespread adoption of public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). But moving applications into the clouds is not a simple process, and its challenges have caused enterprises to suffer unexpected costs and even to repatriate workloads. In short, although public cloud IaaS offers major benefits, it can also carry unavoidable downsides and may not suit all workloads. Bare metal as-a-service (BMaaS) is an infrastructure service that addresses this issue by bridging the gap between on-premises IT and conventional cloud IaaS.

ESG validated that BMaaS can enable similar business agility to conventional IaaS, while freeing IT staff to concentrate on high-level work. It is simpler to adopt and offers significantly more flexibility and control over operating environments. As such, it suits a wide range of legacy and modern workloads, including those for which data sovereignty requirements would rule out conventional IaaS. The BMaaS model suits usage in two ways: solely as an adjunct to on-premises infrastructure or as part of hybrid strategies that also embrace conventional public clouds. This ESG analysis of a BMaaS service offered by leading enterprise vendor Pure Storage finds that, alongside these qualitative benefits, the service when powered by Pure can cut the total cost of ownership of infrastructure by 33% to 81% compared to onpremises equivalents and can be deployed and running workloads up to 10 months sooner. Because BMaaS, Powered by Pure, is offered in partnership with global co-location and connectivity providers, it also benefits from their partner’s commitment to environmental sustainability and use of renewable energy sources, and the high-speed network connections within its data centers.

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