Forever Flash™: A Better Approach to Storage Acquisition & Lifecycles


Pure Storage has built the FlashArray, the last enterprise storage array you will ever need;
and a new business model to match:

How did we do it?

  • Enabled by a future-proof design: 100% MLC flash, <1ms latency, continually upgradeable.
  • With non-disruptive upgrades: No downtime for users, no performance loss during upgrades.
  • Plus lower maintenance costs over time: Seamlessly optimize CapEx or OpEx across FlashArray lifecycles.
  • The end result: No more forklift upgrades, no more ridiculous maintenance costs.

"Ultimately, it is users that will determine the validity and success of the Forever Flash offering; if they are already (or are about to be) committed to Pure as a supplier, and have made a balanced, informed decision, then it is hard to see anything other than them welcoming this with open arms."

For Pricing & Questions:
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Download the
Forever Flash™ Brief
by Mark Peters of ESG

Free Every Three

  • Receive FREE controller upgrades every three years when renewing maintenance.
  • Fourth year maintenance renewal comes with FREE controller upgrade, by pre-paying 2+ years.

Fresh Every Upgrade

  • Reset maintenance terms on your entire array at then-current pricing.
  • Upgrade any component, any time, to make your array new again (controllers and/or shelves).
Mark Peters

Senior Analyst, ESG

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Flash for All

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